JKBOSE Textbooks for Classes 1st to 5th Now Three Times Cheaper

JKBOSE Textbooks for Classes 1st to 5th:  The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) takes decisive action against exorbitant textbook prices charged by private publishers, parents are set to benefit from significantly reduced costs for class I-V textbooks.

Under the leadership of Professor (Dr.) Parikshat Singh Manhas, Chairman of JKBOSE, the board has released a price list for its own textbooks, aligning with the New Education Policy-2020 and offering relief to thousands of parents in the union territory.

1. Board’s Price List: Offering Affordable Textbooks

The JKBOSE has published textbooks in languages such as Hindi, English, Dogri, and Kashmiri, under the New Education Policy-2020.

Textbooks for classes I-V are now available at substantially lower prices compared to those offered by private publishers, easing the financial burden on parents.

For instance, Hindi textbooks for 3rd and 4th class are priced at Rs 62 and Rs 71 respectively, while English 1st class textbooks are available for Rs 62.

Additionally, Kashmiri textbooks for classes 1st and 2nd are priced at Rs 48, and Dogri textbooks for 1st class are priced at Rs 53.

2. Quality and Affordability: Key Highlights

Officials emphasize that the quality and content of the board’s textbooks are comparable to those available in the market.

These textbooks are designed to align with the New Education Policy-2020, ensuring relevance and suitability for students in today’s educational landscape.

Importantly, the board’s textbooks are priced at one-third the cost of those offered by private publishers, making education more accessible and affordable for all.

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3. Action Against Unethical Practices

Private book publishers have been found charging exorbitant prices ranging from Rs 150-Rs 300 for textbooks, exploiting parents’ concerns about their children’s education.

JKBOSE’s intervention aims to curb such practices and prevent schools from compelling parents to purchase expensive books from private publishers for profit.

Any attempts by schools to enforce the use of private publisher textbooks will be met with disciplinary action, as per the board’s regulations.

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Q1: How does the cost of JKBOSE textbooks compare to those offered by private publishers?

A1: JKBOSE textbooks for classes I-V are priced significantly lower, often one-third the cost of textbooks sold by private publishers.

Q2: What measures has JKBOSE taken to ensure the quality of its textbooks?

A2: JKBOSE assures that its textbooks maintain high quality and are aligned with the New Education Policy-2020, meeting the evolving educational needs of students.

Q3: How can parents address concerns about schools pressuring them to buy textbooks from private publishers?

A3: Parents can file complaints against such practices, and JKBOSE has established committees in every district to address issues related to the procurement of textbooks.

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